Some Drives round the Western USA,
mostly from 1993 to 1996 in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho.

USA West route map
We were in Salt Lake City on and off from 1993 to 1996.

In May 1993 we visited Bryce Canyon, Kanab, Lake Powel, the Grand Canyon north rim, Zion National Park and Las Vegas.

In June 1993 we drove north and stopped at Bear Lake Idaho, Etna and Jackson Wyoming, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

Also went to Dinosaur National Monument, Flaming Gorge and Green River Wyoming.

And also drove south-east to Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Hovenweep ancient ruins, Four Corners where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet, Monument Valley, Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument and Glen Canyon.

In May 1995 we had a look at the Great Salt Lake and Park City up in the mountains.

In February 1996 we drove south-east again to Loa, Capitol Reef National Park and Mesa Verde ancient ruins in Colorado, and drove back through Cortez, Dunton, Lizard Head Pass, Telluride and Grand Junction.

Also, way back in February and July 1978 (the yellow routes) I drove from Seattle up to Vancouver BC Canada and got the ferry to Victoria, and also went from Phoenix Arizona to the Grand Canyon south rim, and to Las Vegas, Baker, Passadena and Hollywood California.

Salt Lake City Temple and Brigham Young
Salt Lake City. The Temple, with Brigham Young in front - is he saying "hey, no photographs!"?
The Lion House Salt Lake City
The Lion House near Temple Square. Built in 1856 it was one of Brigham Young's official residences.
Trolley Square Salt Lake City
Trolley Square, Salt Lake City. In 1995 the disused trolley was not even a sandwich shop any more.
House near Park City
A chilly house near Park City in the mountains above Salt Lake City, in January 1996.
Park City
A rather warmer resident of Park City.
Bryce Point Bryce Canyon
Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, May 1993. A spectacular natural amphitheatre situated at an elevation of 8,000 to 9,000 feet.
Bright Angel Point Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon from Bright Angel Point on the north rim.
Town Square Jackson WY
An archway of Elk antlers in Jackson Wyoming, June 1993.
Elk in Yellowstone
An Elk still in possession of its antlers in Yellowstone National Park.
Geyser near Old Faithful
A geyser near Old Faithful in Yellowstone.
Bison in Yellowstone
A bison in Yellowstone National Park, luckily it was dozing.
Flaming Gorge
Flaming Gorge, Utah. So named by John Wesley Powell during his 1869 expedition down the Green River.
North Park Avenue Arches National Park
'North Park Avenue' in Arches National Park, Utah.
Double Arch Arches National Park
The Double Arch in Arches National Park.
Monument Valley
Monument Valley, the scene of hundreds of cowboy movies!
John Wayne's cabin Monument Valley
John Wayne's cabin (as seen in the movies) at Goulding's trading post in Monument Valley.
Goosenecks San Juan river
'Goosenecks' in the San Juan river, Utah.
Spruce Tree House Mesa Verde
Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde World Heritage site, Colorado, February 1996. The Pueblo people, or Anasazi, built over 600 cliff dwellings at the site between 1100 and 1300 AD. Between 60 and 80 people lived in the 'Spruce Tree House' village.
Tower House Mesa Verde
The Square Tower House in Mesa Verde, occupied between AD 1200 and 1300.
Blacksmith Dentist Cortez Colorado
A blacksmith who doubles as a dentist..... or is it the other way around? Near Cortez, Colorado.
Telluride Colorado
Telluride Historic District, Colorado. A former silver mining camp founded in 1878 and named after compounds of the chemical element Tellurium. Butch Cassidy's first major crime was robbing the bank here in 1889 when he got away with $24,580.

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