Runners up

The unspoilt medieval walled town of Lo Manthang, high in the Nepal Himalayas. We had to walk for five days to get there, but now they are building a road so it may not remain so unspoiled for long.

Lo Manthang city
Lo Manthang prayer wheels and goatherd

And another wonderful medieval town, Sighisoira in Transylvania, with a Dracula-style castle on top of the hill.


Pagan in Burma.  Another huge complex of temple ruins, spread over a wide area.

Pagan Burma
Pagan Burma

Pagan Burma
Pagan Burma

And while we're in Burma, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon....


The water wheels of Hama, in Syria.....

Hama Syria
Hama Syria

And still in Syria, the old city of Damascus....

Damascus souk  

Medain Saleh, off the beaten track in Saudi Arabia.  It was built by the Nabateans, who moved on to Petra when they had practiced their building skills here.

Madain Salih  
Madain Salih Nabatean tombs  

Hejaz railway at Hadiyah  

And nearby, the remains of the Turkish Hejaz railway. Put out of action by Lawrence in the First World War, anything too heavy to carry away has stood here gently rusting ever since.

Cairo - the medaeval Islamic City. Cairo has so many layers to it, but the most fascinating is the old Islamic walled City, with mosques, street traders and winding alleyways.


The 'fairy towers' in Cappadocia, central Turkey.  The towers are geological formations with caps of hard rock on top of soft, the dwellings have been hollowed out by refugees from various persecutions over the years.


In Central Asia, we admired the ornate blue domes of Bukhara.
Kalon Mosque Bukhara

Pingyao, China.  A town that was too poor to be knocked down and redeveloped, so today it has a complete city wall with watchtowers and lots of old-fashioned buildings.


And another East Asian town that time has passed by, Hoi An in central Veitnam.

Hoi An creek
Hoi An temple

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