A drive round Spain and Portugal

March-April 1986

29th March. 5am. Normandy. 65,633 miles on the clock.

30th. Bordeaux, France. 66,275 miles.

31st and 1st April. Andorra. 66,546 miles.

It was Easter time in Andorra and the shops were full of chocolate goodies.

2nd and 3rd.  Madrid. 66,936 miles.

Madrid royal palace
The banquet hall in the royal palace in Madrid.

4th.  Avila, Spain. 67,005 miles.

The walls of Avila
Weighing potoatoes in the market in Plaza de la Victoria, Avila.

5th.  Near Guarda, Portugal. 67,181 miles.

6th and 7th.  Lisbon, Portugal. 67,413 miles.

The city of Lisbon seen from Cristo Rei.
Bethlehem Tower, on the waterfront in Lisbon.
This strange-shaped tram takes you up one of the steep hills in Lisbon city centre.
Lisbon Alfama
Largo de San Miguel in Alfama district, Lisbon.
Lisbon castle
The walls of Lisbon castle - another steep climb.
The royal palace at Sintra, not far from Lisbon.

8th.  Albufiera, Portugal. 67,678 miles.

9th.  Seville, Spain. 67,826 miles.

10th.  Gibraltar. 67,998 miles.

11th and 12th.  La Carihuela, Spain. 68,080 miles.

Sand sculpture
A sand sculpture on the beach at La Carihuela, near Torremolinos.
The deep gorge at Ronda, north of Marbella.

13th.  Granada. 68,172 miles.

Hotel Victoria, Granada.  We had a circular room in the round 'turret' at the front.
Granada Generalife
In the Palacio de Generalife, Granada.
The Alhambra seen from the Generalife, across the ravine that separates them.
The 'Court of Lions' in the Alhambra.
The Partal in the Alhambra.

14th.  Baza. 68,244 miles.

15th.  Nules. 68,548 miles.

The harbour at Peniscola, halfway between Valencia and Tarragona.
A discussion group in Peniscola, Spain.
A little 'street market' in Peniscola.

16th and 17th.  Barcelona. 68,753 miles.

The harbour at Barcelona.
Barcelona market
A ham stall in the market in Barcelona.
Morning exercises? At a window in Barcelona.

18th.  Narbonne, France. 68,975 miles.

19th.  Compiegne, France. 69,546 miles.

19th April.  Normandy, England. 69,785 miles.

Total 4,152 miles (6,643 km) in 22 days (average 188 miles per day). Total cost £1,855!

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