Pictures of Lvov, Ukraine, 2006

George Hotel
Inside the George Hotel, a slightly rundown but very pleasant 'grand hotel' near the town centre.
George Hotel
The George Hotel, with the motif of Saint George and the dragon in the middle of the facade at the top.
Car in a back street.  It still moves, because it was somewhere else later that day!
A side street near the main square in Lvov.
The fruit and vegetable market on Honty Avenue.
Bernardine Church
Inside the Bernardine Church at Lvov.
Boyim Chapel
Inside the Boyim Chapel at Lvov.
Town Hall
Road works in Krakivska Street, outside the town hall .
Window Cleaning
Window cleaning without ladders, on Rynok Street.
City wall
An archway in the city wall on Pldvaina Avenue.
Museum of Architecture
A farmhouse in the Museum of Popular Architecture in a park outside Lvov.
Museum of Architecture
A church in the Museum of Popular Architecture.

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