Pictures of Latvia, 2006

House of the Blackheads
The House of the Blackheads, Riga.
St Peters Church
The spire of Saint Peter's church, Riga.
Swedish Gate
The Swedish Gate, Riga.
Three Brothers
The Three Brothers - ancient houses on Pils Street, Riga.
Cat House
Cat on a roof opposite the Great Guild, on Meistaru Street.
Old Houses on Meistaru Street.
Attractive old houses on Meistaru Street, Riga.
Fruit and Veg market
The fruit and vegetable market in a former zeppelin hangar, Riga.
Fish market
In the fish market, Riga.
View of the cathedral
View of the Cathedral and river from the tower of St Peter's church.
View of the Market
View of the main market in the former zeppelin hangars, the television tower and the river, from the tower of St Peter's church.

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