Pictures of Estonia, 2006

Baltic Sea
A day at the seaside - paddling in the Baltic Sea at Parnu.
Walls and church
View of Tallinn town walls and St Olaf's church from Toompea Hill.
Pikk Jalg
Pikk Street, on the way down from Toompea to Tallinn town.
Wall statue
On a wall in Toompea, Tallinn.
Town walls
The old town walls at Gumnaasiumi Street, Tallinn.
Town walls
View from the old town walls, Tallinn.
Square and church
Central square and St Olaf's church from the tower of the town hall, Tallinn.
Vene street
A house in Vene Street, Tallinn.
A field of poppies somewhere in southern Estonia.
A stork's nest on a pole, somewhere in southern Estonia.

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