A visit to Egypt via Crete and Corfu

March-April 1984


25th March. Flew BA to Athens then Olympic to Heraklion, Crete.

Hired a car and drove from Heraklion east to the Venetian port at Rethymnon.
Drove south to Plakias and west to Malia, where we saw some windmills.
Agios Nikolaos
Then across the Lasithi plateau to Agios Nikolaos....
Agios Nikolaos
... with its nice harbour and boats.
Visited Gournia Minoan ruins and the famous Minoan ruins at Knossos.  This is the throne room at Knossos.


30th March. Flew Olympic via Athens to Cairo. Stayed at the Grand Hotel, 26th July Street.

31st March. Cairo.

Egyptian Museum
Visited the Egyptian museum.....

... and Nile bridge and checked out the Railway station. Had tea at the historic Shepheards Hotel on the Nile Corniche.

Went to the market in the evening and had Shawarmas.

1st April. Visited Islamic Cairo; Khan el Khalili bazaar, Bab el Futuh, Bab el Nasr and Ezbekiya Garden.

Bab el Futuh
Bab el Futuh, Islamic Cairo.
Bab el Futuh
Bab el Futuh.
Garlic in Islamic Cairo
Piles of garlic inside Bab el Futuh.

Had tea at Groppi's on Talaat Harb square, once the most famous café, tearoom and patisserie in Egypt.

Cairo tower
Had dinner in the Cairo tower (£12 each plus drinks at £6).

Got a horse and carriage back to the Grand Hotel for £3 - Jamie drove!

2nd April.

Ibn Tulun mosque
Visited Ibn Tulun mosque ....
Ibn Tulun mosque

Rifai mosque
... Rifai mosque ...
Rifai mosque

Rifai mosque

... the Citadel (£E2) and the nearby Anderson House (£E1).

Met Mohammed Kamal who invited us back for tea to his flat in Gizeh!

Pyramid and sphynx
Saw the son et lumiere at the Pyramids (£E4).

Visited Mina House hotel and got the bus back to Cairo.

3rd April. Visited the Hilton hotel and got a taxi to Old Cairo, the Coptic Christian area.
Visited the Coptic museum, Babylon fortress, El Moollaya church and St George's church.
Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque
Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque in Fustat.
Walked to the Nilometer and got a train back to Cairo. Had tea at Groppi's. Had dinner at Ali Hassan Al Hathi restaurant.

4th April

Cairo Nile
Went to the Hilton hotel again and went for a Felucca ride on the Nile.
Cairo tower
Visited Cairo tower to see the view .....

... and got a horse and carriage to the station to get the overnight train to Aswan.

5th April. Aswan. Had tea and a swim at the Old Cataract hotel. Went on a tour to the unfinished obelisk, the Philae temple and the Old dam (but the new dam was closed). Had dinner at a riverside restaurant.

6th April.

Abu Simbel
Flew to Abu Simbel to see the temples, and back on Egypt Air.
Abu Simbel

Went for a Felucca ride on the Nile.
Got the train to Luxor where we had chicken at the 'Salt and Bread' café by the station.

7th April. Luxor. Stayed at the Grand Hotel.

Valley of the Kings
Visited the Valley of the Kings and some tombs - Tutenkhamun, Ramses VI, Horemheb and the 'safe tomb'.
Luxor temple
Visited the Winter Palace hotel, Luxor temple ...
... and the souks.

8th April.

Karnak temple
Visited Karnak temple.
Winter Palace Luxor
Sunbathed and swam at the Winter Palace hotel.

Got the overnight train back to Cairo.

9th April. Got the train to Alexandria.

from train
View from the train on the way to Alexandria.
Stayed at Hotel New Capri, 23 Port Street, with a view of the square below.

Had lunch at a pizzeria. Got a tram and a walk to Fort Kait Bey. Had a carriage ride to the Amphitheatre.

10th April.

Fort Kait Bey
Visited Fort Kait Bey.

Visited Ras Al Tin, Pompey's pillar, the Catacombs and the Amphitheatre. Ate at 'The Diplomat' Italian restaurant.

11th to 13th April. Visited the Montazza palace. Had sunbathes on the beach and went for tram rides. Had a game of Tavola (backgammon) with people in a café. Had dinner at an Egyptian restaurant near the hotel.

14th April. Got the train back to Cairo. Had a Chinese meal.

14th - 18th April. Stayed at the Grand Hotel again.

Visited Fort Schulkowski, the Babs (Islamic city gates) ....

Tombs of the Khalifs ... and the Tombs of the Khalifs.
Tomb of Kahlifs Inside one of the tombs of the Khalifs, Cairo.
Cairo bookbinder's house
Found the Bookbinder's house (Beit Gamal-ad-Din at 6 Hosh Kadam off Sharia Liddin Illah), from directions in a hundred-year old Baedekker guidebook!
Visited Memphis and Sakkara for more pyramids and Ramses statues ......

Ramses II
Ramses II at Memphis.
Tomb of Ti, Sakkara
Lord Ti jouneys through the papyrus thickets, Tomb of Ti, Sakkara, 2500BC.
A timeless scene near Sakkara.


19th April. Flew to Athens on Egypt Air and on to Corfu on Olympic.

Sat 21st April. Saw the Easter pot-breaking festival in Kerkyra, where people smash pots by throwing them out of the windows....
... and looked around Kerkyra town.
Went to Nissaki at the north end of the island and had a meal opposite Albania.

Went to Paleokastritsa and Kouloura in the north, then down to Marathias, Lefkimi and Kavos in the south.

Vlahema Monastery
And back to Vlahema Monastery at Kanoni near the airport.

24th April. Flew back to Athens on Olympic and on to London on BA.

Shady Motors
Shady Motors on the Nile Corniche in Cairo - would you buy a used car from them?!

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