A visit to Burma and Russia

April 1982

Approximate map of our routes in Burma and Thailand.

28th March. Flew Aeroflot to Moscow and on to Bangkok.


Oriental hotel
Stayed at the Oriental Hotel, with a great view.
Wat Arun
Visited the National Assembly building, Rama I memorial and Wat Arun.
Bangkok klong
Went for a boat ride on the klongs and saw riverside villages ...
Floating market
... the royal barges and the floating market.

Visited Nakorn Pathom, the snake farm, Rose Garden and salt pans.

Got wet in the monsoon rains.

1st April. Flew Thai domestic to Chiang Mai.

Elephant farm
Visited a working elephant farm.

Visited several wats, Mae Sa waterfall, orchid farm and Meo hill tribe village.

Went to Chiang Rai. Visited Akha hill tribe village, Mae Sai jade factory and the golden triangle.

Got the sleeper train back to Bangkok.


8th April. Flew Thai international to Rangoon.

Strand Hotel
Stayed at the Strand Hotel ...
Rangoon river
... opposite the Rangoon river ...
Rangoon cars
... with lots of mobile museum pieces outside.
Swedagon Pagoda
Visited Batataung Pagoda, Chauk Htat Gyi reclining Buddha and Swedagon Pagoda.

Flew Burma Airlines to Pagan.

Stayed at the Thiripyitsaya hotel on the banks of the Irrawaddy river.

Toured the magnificent temple ruins at Pagan ....

Shwezigon Pagoda
Shwezigon Pagoda. Pagan.
Shwezigon temple
In Shwezigon temple.
Gawdawpalin temple
Gawdawpalin temple.
Thiripitsaya Road
At the top of Thiripitsaya Road, Pagan.
At the top of Thiripitsaya Road.

11th April. Flew Burma Airlines to Mandalay.

Visited Mandalay Palace and the wooden monastery.
Climbed Mandalay Hill. Visited the clock tower and the market.

Got wet in the water festival.

Went to Maymyo.

Stayed at Candacraig colonial mansion rest house.
Inside Candacraig rest house.
Maymyo nuns
In Maymyo market we saw nuns....
Maymyo monks
... and apprentice monks.

14th April. Got the sleeper train from Mandalay back to Rangoon.

15th April. Flew Thai to Bangkok.


19th April. Flew Aeroflot to Moscow. Stayed at Hotel Metropol.

Moscow Saint Basil
Visited Red Square ...
Moscow Kremlin
... and the Kremlin.

Walked along the river, visited Smolensk Cathedral and St Isaac's Cathedral.

21st April. Got the sleeper train to Leningrad. Stayed at Hotel Astoria.

Visited Palace Square and walked around the city.
Visited Peter the Great's summer gardens, where the Italian marble statues were all in boxes to protect them from the frost.
Saw ice floes on the river at Peter and Paul fortress.

Got the sleeper train back to Moscow.

24th April. Flew Aeroflot to London.

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