We lived in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, from September 1979 to August 1981.

Around the city......

Riyadh Clock Tower and Grand Mosque      
The Clock Tower and Grand Mosque in the centre of downtown Riyadh, February 1981.
  Diera Square Riyadh
Diera Square, the central square in February 1981.
  Al Murabba Palace Riyadh
Al Murabba ('the square') palace, central Riyadh, April 1980.
Nura Palace and Water Tower Riyadh
Nura Palace, built in 1936 for a sister of King Abdulaziz, and the Water Tower, February 1981.
Royal Guest House conference room
We had an 'unofficial' tour in November 1980 round the new Royal Guest House (Qasr al Diafah)  in Nasriyah just before it opened. View of the Conference Room from the King's chair.
Kings bedroom in the Royal Guest House
In the king's bedroom in the Royal Guest House in Nasriyah.

Below, the main entrance and the main staircase in the Royal Guest House.

Main entrance to the Royal Guest House
Main staircase in the Royal Guest House
Camels Eye Park Riyadh
Camel's Eye Park, the first view of Riyadh city on the ancient trail from Kuwait.
  Riyadh gold souk
Shopping in the gold souk, August 1981.
Waiting patiently at the traffic lights....!
Riyadh camel races
At the camel races, March 1980.
Riyadh camel races
Spectators at the camel races, March 1980.
Riyadh camel race
They're off! The camel race in progress, March 1980.
Riyadh night view
Night view of Riyadh, south from the Military Hospital near the old airport, January 1981.
Riyadh aerial view
Aerial view of Riyadh, March 1981.

And out in the wadi.....
  Al Diriyah
Al Diriyah, the tumble-down old mud-brick city in Wadi Hanifah north of Riyadh, in February 1981. Now (2012) designated as an 'Archaeological City', archaeological investigations are planned before the site is turned into an 'open-air museum'.
 Al Diriyah
Al Diriyah in December 1980.
Al Diriyah was first settled in 1446 and was the capital of the first Saudi state from the mid-18th century to 1818. In 1818 the Ottomans sent an Egyptian army who, after a 6-month seige, captured the city and destroyed it.
Al Diriyah
Al Diriyah in December 1980.
House in Wadi Hanifah
A house in need of repair, Wadi Hanifah May 1980.
Ruined house in Al Diriyah
Ruined house in Al Diriyah, December 1980.
Watchtower near Al Diriyah
Watchtower overlooking Mushayrifa Palm Grove north-west of Al Diriyah, February 1981.
Well in Wadi Hanifah
A well in Wadi Hanifah, May 1980.
Old wells on Diriyah Road
Old wells on Diriyah Road, April 1980.
Little mosque in Al Diriyah
A little mosque in Al Diriyah, May 1980.
Farmstead near Al Quwayiyah
Farmstead near Al Quwayiyah, south-west of Riyadh, July 1981.
Gateway in Salbukh
A gateway in Salbukh village, north of Riyadh, March 1981.
Shepherdess in Wadi Hanifa
A shepherdess in Wadi Hanifah above Al Diriyah, December 1980.
Ain Heet water hole
The water hole in the deep cavern at Ain Heet, July 1980.

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