We lived in Milan in 1974.

We explored the city and at weekends we visited parts of northern and central Italy, the South of France and Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

View from Due Torri
We lived on the 13th floor of the Due Torri Residence, with a view down to our greengrocer's shop below.
Gallery Victor Emmanuel
For posh shopping, the Gallery Victor Emmanuel on Duomo square in the city centre.
Milan Pirelli Building
The Pirelli building near central station, very futuristic in 1974.
Bergamo rooftops
We went on a day trip by bus to Bergamo and went up to Bergamo Alto, the old city on the hill.

San Marino town hall
We drove to San Marino for the weekend. This is the Town Hall.
San Marino first tower
San Marino has several towers ranged along the crest of the hill. This is the first tower, seen from the second.
Florence Duomo
We came back from San Marino via Florence. This is just a corner of the Duomo.
Pisa view from the top
Another weekend we went to Pisa and Siena. A view from the top of the Leaning Tower, in the days when you were allowed to climb up to the top. No safety railings here.
Siena at dusk
The city of Siena at dusk.
Rome Trevi fountain
We got the train to Rome for a long weekend. Throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain.
Rome Spanish steps
The Spanish steps.
Rome roof of St Peter's
The Saints' view of Rome from the roof of St Peter's.
Pope Paul VI
Pope Paul VI is up there somewhere.
Elba Portoferraio
We went to the island of Elba, visited Napoleon's villa and stayed near the harbour in Portoferraio.
Elba Poggio
The hilltop town of Poggio on Elba, from the bus to Marciana.
The tremendously picturesque harbour of Portofino near Genoa, on our last weekend in Italy. It took us two attempts to get there, because the first time the only way to the town, along a winding road under the cliffs, was blocked by a huge boulder.

We went up to the mountains and got chilly in Cervinia.
Vaduz castle Liechtenstein
We continued through Switzerland to Liechtenstein and stayed in Vaduz. We walked up the hill for a view of the castle.
Balzers castle Liechtenstein
Balzers castle, another picturesque spot in Liechtenstein.

One foot in Monaco
We drove to the south of France and stood with one foot in Monaco, one in France. No border controls in sight.
Monaco casino
We visited the casino but didn't lose all our money (or win a fortune).
Cannes port
On the way back we stopped in Cannes for some more Mediterranean ambience.

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