Cyprus before Partition - Famagusta in 1973

In May 1973 we went on a package holiday to Famagusta. We hired a car and drove all around the island, but there was some tension evident. We passed an EOKA training camp in the hills, and when we tried to drive through a Turkish enclave on the north-west coast in the evening, they gave us a military escort from one side to the other. In Nicosia, there were armed guards in guard posts on either side of the 'green line' in the middle of the shopping district although you could walk from one side to the other without interruption.

Famagusta city walls
Famagusta battlements overlooking new town
In Famagusta we went up on the city walls (now in the Turkish sector) .....
... and looked down from the walls to the new town and hotels (now in the Greek sector).
Famagusta Othello Tower
Famagusta St Nicholas Cathedral
Entrance to the Othello Tower in Famagusta old town.
St Nicholas Cathedral in Famagusta old town, from near the Sea Gate.
Nicosia Bedestan
Trikomo general Grivas
The Bedestan, Nicosia. Built in the 12th century as a church, served as a market in the Ottoman period.
The church in Trikomo where General Georgios Grivas, leader of the EOKA guerilla organisation, was born.
Bellapais Abbey
St Barnabas Monastery
A grafted orange and lemon tree in Bellapais Abbey.
In St Barnabas Monastery.
Kantara castle
Kyrenia harbour
Kantara castle, the north-east tower and view of sea and mountains.
Kyrenia harbour from the castle battlements.
Arnenian Monastery
Stavrovouni Monastery
The Armenian monastery in the mountains of North Cyprus.
Stavrovouni Monastery near Larnaca, and the remains of the Temple of Aphrodite.
Road through the hills to Troodos
Dirt road to Ay Nikolaos
Road through the hills to Troodos.
The dirt road to Ay Nikolaos.

Sunset on the way back from Western Cyprus, near where we had the Turkish military escort.

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